Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Nets

Will this work to keep cats out?

Yes it will keep cats out if you zip the zipper, tighten the drawstring and tuck the bottom under the crib/playpen or anything heavy. However this is not designed specially for cats.

Will this fit a convertible crib?

It looks the best for cribs with flat tops. But will be functional on convertible cribs if the height of the net (43'') is enough to cover your crib.

Does it fit for mini crib?

The playpen net (41 by 28 inches) should fit a mini crib

How do you install this net on a crib or playpen?

Watch the video demonstration here

Adult Nets

Does it cover the top?

The top of the canopy is made from solid fabric and the net covers the entire bed - so yes this will cover the space above the bed if that's your question.

How do you install this net?

Can the top cover decorative piece be removed?

Yes, you can remove the top "skirt" with a pair of scissors without cutting the stitching open. Or you can fold them on top of the canopy so you don't see them from the outside.

Can you use this for a canopy bed or a 4 post bed?

Yes it will fit a four post bed by putting the net directly outside of the posts or by tying the ribbon ties on the post. The net has ribbon ties both inside and outside.

Does this canopy have slits for opening on each side or just one side?

It has three openings on three sides besides the twin size canopy has only one opening on the long side


What's the color of the net?

It's white. The pictures may appear other color due to the lighting.

Why is there a chemical smell?

There’s no pesticide in the net. The smell is normal from the nylon fabric and should go away within several days of use or after wash, similar to new clothes.

Do you have another design without hearts?

That's totally doable but not available at this moment. We do have canopies without hearts for regular beds though.