workers working at our family-owned mosquito net factor. Shoot in May, 1961

Hi there, welcome to Pacific Dreamer.


My grandfather has been making mosquito nets since the 1950s, and the family factory is now operated by my uncles. Growing up in the humid southeast province of Canton, mosquitoes were a huge headache all-year-long. I still remember the sleepless summer nights when I kept my radar awake, detecting the mosquito buzz flying closer and closer, quickly covered my entire body under the blanket with only my nostrils exposed for air, and eventually the sweat dripping down my face. Unfortunately, I still got itchy bites all over and had to force myself to fall asleep. 


However, I was lucky enough to receive a mosquito net made by my grandfather. It guarded my dreams from campsites to school dorms, from primary school to college, and never got torn. I am sincerely grateful for this gift through my entire childhood: the family-made mosquito net that gave me endless security, love, and peace. 


Now living in Southern California, I would like to share this old-time treasure with you -- the traditional natural mosquito solution from across the Pacific ocean. We wish you sweet dreams, and the sense of security, love and peace. 



Founder of Pacific Dreamer