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Happy July 4th! Summer is right around the corner, and as always, we wish you enjoy your summer days without worrying about bugs!

It's been three months since we launched the first product on Amazon. Click on the map below to find out where our supporters came from in March to June of 2018, and find your lovely shadow in our map.

Supporter Map - Pacific Dreamer Mosquito Net Customer Locations

We understand your concern about mosquitoes and your health, and that's why collected these useful information together for your reference.

This ebook covers all you need to know about mosquitoes and how to protect you and yours from mosquito bites.

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates released a swarm of mosquitoes on an unsuspecting audience at a TED conference in 2009. "There's no reason only poor people should have the experience," the billionaire said, before adding that the mosquitoes were not infectious.

Gates was making the compelling point that, even if an issue like malaria doesn't directly affect you, you should still care. At that time, he noted, more money had been invested into researching hair loss drugs because, when it comes to baldness, "rich men are afflicted."

The Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation donated mosquito nets together with mosquito repellent spray to save thousands of children’s life and helped end Malaria in Africa. It’s been proven that mosquito nets, especially when treated with repellent, is one of the best way to prevent mosquito bites.

Learn more about the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation’s Malaria Projects here

Watch the full TED talk here

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