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Finally the stiky and humid summer is coming to an end, and it's the perfect time to go outside before the cold wind hits in. Gathering your lovely family to the near by park, siting under the shade of a tree with the warm sun shining through, reading a book, gathering punpkins for your family picnic party, and watch the kids playing around... Isn't that such a wonderful day?

Be careful. Though the temperature is dropping, mosquitoes may still be active depending on your location! Even in the Northern state of Maryland, according to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, breeding season for mosquitoes in this region is during the summer and early fall, into October. Species that don’t rely on large amounts of rain are more prominent during September and October.

No matter indoors or outdoors, we've got everyone in your family covered. Our mosquito net, especially the twin-size net with a single door, is perfect for outdoor events such as picnic and camping. So don't sotre your net away yet, bring it with you for your next outdoor party and camping trip!

All a sudden, it's Fall already.

Thinking to store your mosquito nets away as the mosquitos fade away? Hold on, you may find better use out of your beautiful nets. Below are some decoration ideas for Halloween and other holiday parties using our nets.

1. Christmas light

Hang your favorite lights around the canopy to make your bedroom look dreamy and romantic. Prepare this for your daughter's birthday party, or just to give your partner a nice surprise.

2. DIY mesh cover

Black and white are always the favorite colors. Cover your sculptures or statues with our mesh to create this unique yet ghostly look, working best with white sculptures.

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3 Hanging decor on your net

Instead of hanging decorations on your Christmas tree, your bed canopy is another great place to hang those small-weight decoration pieces. From ghost set to spider, don't limit your imagination.

4 Teddie bears horror film special scene

We got this funky idea inspied from our recent lifestylephotography and the zombie teddy bear movoie "Dawn of the Ted". Instead of a human, try to let your teddy bear occupy your bed and let the bear play the rules.

Happy halloween! Let us know your golden ideas for dress-up or home decoration.

Having one baby is enough cuteness.

What about twin baby girls?

What about twin baby girls in the same crib?

What about twin baby girls playing in the same crib under our Artistic Baby Mosquito Net?

If you are ready for this overwhelming cuteness, click below ↓

This video also shows how to install our net in less than 1 minute and how to easily put your (twin) baby(ies) in and out of a crib with the net on.

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