Mosquito Nets - a Natural Way to Avoid Bites This Summer

Pacific Dreamer® Artistic Mosquito Nets keep your family safe and add a touch of romantic style


Costa Mesa,CA -- July 20, 2018. Families across America are looking for ways to combat health risks from mosquitoes this summer. Apart from diseases carried by mosquitoes, just scratching bites can lead to infections. The tried-and-true, natural method of protection is a mosquito net.


Mosquito nets have been used effectively all over the world to combat diseases like malaria and West Nile Virus. Several US cities have reported the presence of infected mosquitoes this year: The Dallas County Health and Human Services, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Vector Management and the Virginia Beach Mosquito Control have reported a rise in West Nile Virus activity. And they are not alone. Cities from Georgia across the South to Texas are reporting similar problems.


Now you can add a touch of romance to your mosquito nets – the Artistic series mosquito nets utilize high-density mesh decorated with heart-shaped patterns. It has 165 diamond openings per square inch. This provides extra durability to the mesh, protect you from smaller insects, and also gives your bedroom some beautiful decoration. The Artistic series mosquito nets are available in various sizes and styles, from baby cribs and playpens, to beds of all sizes and even patio nets so you can enjoy sitting outside in the summer.


The baby nets have a dual-zipper top opening, tie ribbons attached to the inner top corners, and a bottom drawstring so the entire top can be opened to access the child. The net can be tied to the crib/playpen so it doesn’t fall or collapse.


The regular sized nets are equipped with 40-inch, extra-wide overlapping doors, solid-fabric topping, and lace trim. These designs are an improvement on the current mosquito nets on market: the extra-wide overlapping doors prevents mosquitoes from flying through and the solid-fabric topping prevents dust from falling onto your bedding. Each net comes with a complimentary storage bag, safety pins, ropes, and instructions for installation.


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